Sell Your Life Insurance Policy with a Life Settlement

Before life settlements became possible, you had only two options for a life insurance policy you no longer needed:

  • Struggle to keep up the premium payments and have the death benefit go to someone else.
  • Stop the premium payments, let the policy lapse, and cash in the policy for its low cash surrender value.

Today, a life settlement gives you a third option.
With a life settlement, you can now sell your policy for more than its cash surrender value. To qualify, you must be 65 years old or older and meet underwriting requirements.

Some reasons to do a life settlement…

  • You no longer need the policy, whatever the reason.
  • Your income has changed and the premiums have become unaffordable.
  • You feel over-insured and want to meet your financial objectives in other ways.

Steps to take…

First, remember that at no time is there any cost to you, and you may cancel the transaction at any time before you accept payment from a life settlement transaction.

  • You complete the form for your state on our Getting Started page to provide VSPI with necessary information and give us permission to gather your medical and insurance records.
  • VSPI confidentially reviews your medical records.
  • VSPI submits the information we gather to a number of financial institutions for their consideration. Based on the information we provide, the institutions present bids to buy the policy.
  • VSPI presents the quotes to you for consideration. You are under no obligation to accept a quote.
    Note: If you are receiving benefits from a means-based entitlement program such as Medicaid, VSPI urges you to do your homework and ask your legal adviser, financial planner, or your state’s Department of Health and Human Services for guidance on how those benefits may be affected by income from selling your policy.
  • If you do accept the quote, the institution buying your policy places the purchase price in escrow for at least 15 days to give you more time to determine if a life settlement is right for you. You may cancel at any time before you receive the money from escrow.
  • Once you accept the payment, the purchasing institution will become the new owner and beneficiary of the policy, and will take over the obligation of making all future premium payments. The institution eventually recoups its investment by receiving the policy’s benefits at the time you pass away.

Any type of life insurance policy can be considered for a life settlement, including term policies with no cash surrender value.

Tax implications…

VSPI is not a financial planner, so we strongly recommend you work with your tax adviser to assess the policy’s tax basis and your settlement amount to determine what you may owe, since tax law is continually changing.

More options…

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