Stephen M. Watson - VSPI

Stephen M. Watson, Esq., is founder and president of Viatical Settlement Professionals, Inc.

He has practiced law in the fields of wills, trusts and estates, and real estate, where he has been the responsible steward of millions of dollars in escrowed funds. In the life insurance arena, Steve has facilitated life and viatical settlements on policies worth as much as $50 million for individuals and businesses.

Clients place high value on the expertise and insight Steve brings to selling their life insurance policies for maximum return.

Steve earned his law degree at Washington & Lee University and a bachelor of arts degree at the University of Virginia. He has lectured and written extensively on life and viatical settlements, appearing in many publications, including Senior Market Advisor Magazine, Mature Life Magazine, Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Trusts and Estates newsletter of the Virginia State Bar, and Metro Business Monthly.

About VSPI

VSPI was founded as a viatical settlement brokerage firm in 1998. It facilitates financial institutions’ purchase of life insurance policies belonging to individuals, businesses, trusts, and nonprofit organizations that no longer have a need for life coverage and wish to recoup a portion of their premium investments.

VSPI is one of the oldest and most experienced firms in the nation in the life and viatical settlement industry. It has a well-earned reputation with clients for integrity, competence, professionalism, and compassion.