• You now have a limited income and the premiums have become unaffordable.
  • The beneficiary — usually your spouse — whom you intended to provide for has predeceased you.
  • Your children are grown and out of college now, and the reason you bought the policy is no longer relevant.
  • You’re getting a divorce and the policy has become an issue in the settlement. Liquidating it may streamline a resolution.
  • You own a business and still hold policies on key executives who are no longer with the firm.
  • You’re a retired executive and have a life insurance policy from your former employer that you really don’t need.
  • You need cash to pay medical expenses or to fulfill any other financial goal.

In the past, your only options were to cancel the policy and lose all you had invested, or turn it in for its low cash surrender value, if it had any.

The playing field has changed, and now some well-heeled financial institutions have capital devoted to the life and viatical settlement market. As a result, many clients are finding that their life insurance policy has taken on new value, and that policies can be sold for more than just their cash value.

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